Photo Shoot for Autumn Collection…. 28/08/2018

I’ve always loved the Autumn for the cooler nights and beautiful colours that our glorious countryside produces. But best of all I really like the Autumn because I get to bring out all my cosy, snuggly clothes that have been packed away for the last 6 months.

Today we are shooting the photos for the Autumn collection with the the amazing Issy (who is very brown after being away on her summer holidays)

We have the stunning new collection from Snugs Hand Knits, lots of different colour beanies with detachable faux fur Pom Poms so you can mix and match.

The fun really begins when Chutchie himself gets involved in the photo shoot, he’s such a happy little chappy and loving the attention. The baby/toddler beanies come in lots of fantastic colours with funky detachable faux fur pom poms, which he has quite a fascination with.

Besides the beanies we also have the super soft Alpaca jumpers and Poncho’s which I will definitely be adding to my wardrobe this season.

All in all a good photo session x